Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rest Day Lament: The Necessary Evil

Rest days.  I get it.  Our bodies need to recover from strenuous training, especially after returning from an absence.  However, they aren't always welcomed.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I pray for that one day between my three and three training, but not always. 

Some days you are just flowing.  Training is going well and you don't want to stop the momentum.  You know yourself and know that you could just keep going, but there's a plan and to deviate could potentially hurt your future efforts. 

I've only really used strict rest days with lifting.  Running or cycling I take a day off or reduce mileage, but it's not really structured.

I guess I view rest days as the responsible, adult thing to do now.  So rest body.  Take advantage.  Cause when this day is done it's back to training and regaining the health we lost over the last year and a half.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starting Again

Ok, so I'm starting over.

I had a blog and I had a different time/place in my life.  This is a fresh start.

I had a back injury and a knee injury...and then another back injury.  They were all unpleasant, all non-running related.  Then to top it off I had a divorce.  A crappy, slightly unexpected divorce.  One I did not handle well. 

The last year has not been me at my best.  I've drank too much.  I've spent too much time with girls trying to fill a void.  I've pitied myself like that would provide some relief.  I've failed.

I'm over all of that.  I've finally accepted my position.  I've decided to try again.  I want to forgive myself for anything I may have done wrong.  I want to forgive myself for whatever led to the divorce and the 3 or 4 races that I had committed to, but did not complete.  Not only didn't complete, but didn't start. 

I'm in a good spot.  A new head space where I feel confident.  I want to write more.  I'm working out again and training, going to train through the Winter and then start running further in the Spring.  I'm looking forward to next year.  I want to come back.  I'm not fast.  I'll never be fast.  Probably never be thin or have the body type I want, but I finally want to try again.  I feel good...mentally and physically.  I've had too many chances wear testing for some great companies and representing Team reGen and Team Aquaphor as an Active Ambassador to be as selfish and wasteful as I've been over the last year.

Coming back and feeling good!  Let's do this!