Sunday, December 29, 2013

DFL is Still Better than DNF

DFL was a decent band...and the acronym is something I've tried to avoid being since I started racing...Dead F*cking Last.

Today I came close.  And as I did I started pondering what the big deal is. I'm a runner, and not a great one at that, but I'm not a racer, not a podium contender. So what does it matter if I finish last just as long as I finish avoid getting swept. There was a peace that descended, not enough to sooth the shin splint in my right leg, but enough to help me grin in the face of the freezing rain, winds and pain. 

I will finish. Not gonna make the time I want, but so what! I'm having the time I wanted...a good one.  Doing an activity that I enjoy, like most runners constantly question why, but nevertheless out there putting one foot in front of the other...sometimes even next to each other if I've gotten tired enough for the shuffle.

So my first race back is done. I finished. The things I was really worried about, my knee and back, performed well.  Also, I learned that the heart and dedication are still there just have to go get the legs back!

What a great day and I feel lucky to have had it.  And lucky for the friends I made there and even more so lucky for the friends waiting at the finish line.

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