Friday, December 13, 2013

"Not my race"

These words were one of the first things I heard today. And some of the most offensive I heard in a while...until it was explained...which I will do now.  My one friend (term used loosely not sure he's fond of me, but damn he's tolerant) is crewing Hellgate for my other friend (again term used loosely as we've known each other 15 years but only sorta).  That being said I respect the hell out of these guys for things they've overcome as runners and men.

I got heated for a minute. These guys are ultra runners. Ultra in the distance, ultra in that my best is their hear "it's not my race"...well I was...confused. Running; good, bad, ugly, is a beautiful friendship building...brotherhood/sisterhood building thing, and to hear it's not my race. Well...

Then I got it. Your mother, brother, first love, best friend, Jebus...whomever could be out there crewing and supporting you, but it's YOUR race! Up to you to gut it through. Up to you to finish. Up to you to deal with your time. Up to you to deal with the training and sacrifices you made to, hopefully, make it to the finish line.

Endurance racing/running is about you and what is deep down.

God willing you have a bearded king or a tattooed redeemer at your side as you push yourself through those last miles to success!

Best of luck and much respect to both of you. Godspeed for what it means to you!

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