Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's going to be a looong trick or treat night!

Been wanting to write something for a few days, but then I it came to me after checking my Facebook(Adam Bricker), my Instagram(@APBRICKER) and my Twitter(@APBricker)! I'll write about the community. My endurance "neighborhood"...hence the cheesy title.

Between the races I've run, the people I've spoken with through social media, either on my own or as an ambassador for one of the various companies I've been lucky enough to promote, or just random folks out along the way, I've been a part of 200k+ block party.  Now obviously haven't spoken to everyone, but I've read blogs, tweets, finisher's list, profiles, articles...whatever and we are all kindred spirits.  The endurance community is one of the most open and easy groups of people I've ever met or known.  For the most part, 5 min mile or 14 min mile, Nike die hard or interested in the latest and greatest...a moment can and will be spared and an equality will be established, because we are all striving for the same thing, self-improvement...and that glorious FINISH LINE banner.

Sometimes I get so lost in the training, which is going well and I can't wait for Spring, or hitting this time or distance, that I don't appreciate everything else being a "runner" has done for me.  Whether it's been a re-tweet or a donation when I ran the Goofy on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation or just reading this now I'm impressed by how giving and accepting the community is.

So just want to acknowledge and say thanks!  Also, can't wait to continue down this road, or trail, with all of you.  Now, please pass the potato salad.

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  1. Agree! The endurance athlete community is definitely an open and inviting one.