Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paper or Plastic?

I just pretty much maxed out my one credit card.  However, unlike last year when I did it, this isn't about drinking myself silly in an effort to forget pain or accept my situation.  This time is a celebration!  I registered for The Flying Pig Half Marathon.  It's the only race, without a lottery system, that I've wanted to do since I started running and never got around to. 

I'm so excited for this one!  I have plenty of time to train and I'm looking forward to getting back to my favorite distance.  Also, it's early May so the weather should be decent. 

It feels strange that I'm more worried about affording the travel and the hotel than I am about kicking the crap out of this race!  I'm fully confident that this will be a great experience.  Plus, hopefully, I'll get to add another "I ran in a really dangerous place and didn't get shot" name to the list...Philly, Baltimore, DC, seems like if it's sketchy and in the Northeast I've run there. 

I've gone through so many positive changes, especially in the last few months, and I'm grateful to have this chance to set a goal and accomplish it.  Also, I'm grateful for the people(some I barely know or only know through social media) that didn't give up on me in the dark times and more especially didn't allow me to give up on myself. 

Can't wait to get that little piggy medal placed around my know, in 6 months.  Ha!

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